A directory of free gay and lesbian-themed ebooks, from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

In Anger Blooming by Tray Ellis In Anger Blooming by March 25, 2017 4602 words Read a sample
Hayden's hair-trigger temperament blows up spectacularly and he storms out of the house he shares with his boyfriend, Russ. To calm down he sets off for a hike on a nearby trail. Partway up Hayden meets another hiker, Griege, who seems like a friend, but who has a dark side. Griege has been waiting for Hayden and planning his revenge.
Resonance by Lillian Francis Resonance by March 23, 2017 14965 words Read a sample
With the resonance of his voice enough to evoke strong emotions, will the unknown man behind the calming tone live up to expectations?
Watch the World Burn by Joana Hill Watch the World Burn by March 19, 2017 1902 words Read a sample
Claire's having a quiet day at her job as a librarian when soldiers show up wanting to destroy the tomes of magical knowledge in her library.
Gay Lake House Tryst 1 by Belle Chase Gay Lake House Tryst 1 by March 19, 2017 3232 words Read a sample
Oliver is a handsome 20-year-old intern spending the summer at his boss's lake house. The boss's wife is away on a business trip, leaving Oliver alone with his boss, Rick. Oliver can think of nothing more fun to do than attempt to get Rick into bed with him. This is the M/M version of an M/F story published under my other pen name, Belle Hart. Length: Short Story, 3100 words.
The Black Beast by L.S. Christopher The Black Beast by March 18, 2017 44860 words Read a sample
An oblivious father. A jealous son. An honorable sacrifice. And a Beast who may or may not deserve his curse.
Davina Does Christmas by Limey Lady Davina Does Christmas by March 17, 2017 11087 words Read a sample
Three months ago Dave was an innocent virgin. Now, inspired by her "discovery" of sex, she is ready to cop off with as many bi-curious girls as she can. And the opportunities at all those sixth form parties! Some nights it's almost impossible to fail.
Davina Again by Limey Lady Davina Again by March 16, 2017 10723 words Read a sample
Dave, spurning her given name of “Davina”, has records to set straight. Okay, so she is a boring IT nerd, but she’s had more lovers than Don Juan. Angry at being the low point in a three-girl triangle, she’s ready to strike back. Having recently lost her virginity she now tells how she came out and started to experiment.
Human Hearts and other oddities by Melanie Quinlan Human Hearts and other oddities by March 14, 2017 3791 words Read a sample
What does it mean to be human in these dark days of the 21st century? What does it mean to have a heart? 'Human Hearts and other oddities' sets out to explore those questions through beautifully strange and haunting illustrations and words inspired by them: from limericks to odes, to free verse and much else.
Sleepwalking: A Lesbian Romance Novella by Cara Malone Sleepwalking: A Lesbian Romance Novella by March 13, 2017 15599 words Read a sample
Leah is a journalism student realizing a lot of things in her life are not as concrete as she thought they were. Morgan has it all together – at least she did until her girlfriend starts showing signs of bipolar disorder and Morgan’s carefully laid plans begin to unravel. An interview for the school newspaper brings Leah and Morgan crashing together in a meeting that will change them both forever.
Sluggo Snares a Vampire by Rick Reed Sluggo Snares a Vampire by March 11, 2017 5771 words Read a sample
When Sluggo cruised online chat rooms, he was looking for love. Presenting himself as “Sir Raven,” Sluggo promises his chat room cohorts he is the “master of the night.” And then he meets someone who also claims the title. TepesAllure’s enigmatic messages to Sluggo start out as fun banter, but quickly turn to eerie disquiet. Has Sluggo snared a vampire? This story appears in Unhinged by Rick Reed.
Courting 6: Connections by J Rocci Courting 6: Connections by March 11, 2017 8094 words Read a sample
This Christmas is the first time Josh and his husband Garrison are sharing the holiday with their children, Henry and Gabriella. Of course, this being the Dabbs-Williams household, there are crazy dogs, visits from the in-laws, and the uncertain waters of parenthood. But Josh and Garrison have each other, and their family and friends, and a house full of love, so the holidays will be perfect.
Courting 4: Concur by J Rocci Courting 4: Concur by March 11, 2017 7314 words Read a sample
Officer Joshua Dabbs has been married to his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, for six years. So he still remembers what Garrison's like wedding plans, and he knows that when their two good friends decide to tie the knot, he won't be seeing much of his husband until it's over. But Josh finds that giving advice to the young couple leads to questions about the future of his own relationship.
Courting 3: Concordant by J Rocci Courting 3: Concordant by March 11, 2017 5853 words Read a sample
Officer Joshua Dabbs has been working long hours and he’s not thrilled to learn his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, has planned a weekend trip for two to New York City right before Christmas. Josh hates traveling, so Garrison shows how persuasive a lawyer can be with tactics not fit for the inside of a court room, which leads to the couple opening a very intimate Christmas present early.
Courting 2: Cornerstone by J Rocci Courting 2: Cornerstone by March 11, 2017 7460 words Read a sample
Josh has built a life for himself in Vermont, and hasn't spoken to his own blood relatives in years. But when Josh gets called home to Ohio right before Christmas, he arrives to find that the requirements of his late father’s will have left everyone in an uproar. Luckily, he has a live-in lawyer at hand -- He just has to come up with a solution that everyone can live with, including himself.
Courting 1: Commitment by J Rocci Courting 1: Commitment by March 11, 2017 6486 words Read a sample
Officer Joshua Dabbs has big Valentine's Day plans involving his lawyer boyfriend, Garrison, and a certain set of rings. Unfortunately, nothing is going the way Josh planned. Garrison doesn’t think the holiday’s “ruined,” though, so Josh makes his own moment and pops the question he’s tied himself up in knots waiting to ask.
Pangaea: Unsettled Land by Jarrod D. King Pangaea: Unsettled Land by March 11, 2017 100775 words Read a sample
When a young noble hears of an ancient mythical sword that’s said to have brought magic to world, he teams up with a handsome warrior and his best friend to explore its secrets, landing them all squarely within a dangerous queen’s sights.
Mi Lobo Alfa, Tomo 1 by Nathan J Morissey Mi Lobo Alfa, Tomo 1 by March 08, 2017 8606 words Read a sample
¿Podrá Julien encontrar la felicidad con un excitante aunque peligroso hombre lobo, después de haber sido rechazado por humanos tantos años? ¿O está destinado al aislamiento y la soledad toda su vida?
Il Mio Alpha Lupo, Tomo 1 by Nathan J Morissey Il Mio Alpha Lupo, Tomo 1 by March 08, 2017 9282 words Read a sample
Può Julien trovare la felicità con un mutaforma emozionante ancora pericoloso dopo essere stato rifiutato dagli uomini umani tutti questi anni? O è costretto a passare attraverso la vita solitaria e isolata, ancora una volta?
Meu Lobo Alpha, Tomo 1 by Nathan J Morissey Meu Lobo Alpha, Tomo 1 by March 08, 2017 9223 words Read a sample
Pode Julien encontrar a felicidade com um metamorfo emocionante ainda perigosa após ter sido rejeitado por homens humanos de todos esses anos? Ou ele é forçado a passar a vida solitária e isolada, mais uma vez?
Mon Loup Alpha, Volume 1 by Nathan J Morissey Mon Loup Alpha, Volume 1 by March 07, 2017 9407 words Read a sample
Julien pourra-t-il être heureux avec un métamorphe aussi excitant que dangereux, et rejeté depuis des années par les humains ? Ou sera-t-il contraint d'errer de nouveau telle une âme solitaire et en peine ?
Gathering of the Light:  The First Chronicle of Kohlnar by Eric Alan Westfall Gathering of the Light: The First Chronicle of Kohlnar by March 07, 2017 16308 words Read a sample
Kohlnar: A peaceful land where dragon-shifters patrol the skies while praising His Name. The Two Kings of Sirulan want its mines and rich soil, and will even use the death magic of the Church of the Blood to own them. The First Chronicle: Gathering of the Light (The Sirulani war against the Dragon Folk and Kin and its aftermath). Excerpts from Taren’s Tale, bloodLight and The Dragon Winked.
Mein Alpha Wolf, Band 1 by Nathan J Morissey Mein Alpha Wolf, Band 1 by March 07, 2017 9250 words Read a sample
Wird Julien sein Glück finden mit einem aufregenden aber gefährlichen Gestaltwandler, nachdem er von gewöhnlichen Männern jahrelang zurückgewiesen wurde? Oder wird er am Ende wieder gezwungen sein, isoliert und einsam durchs Leben zu gehen?
My Alpha Wolf, Book 1 by Nathan J Morissey My Alpha Wolf, Book 1 by March 06, 2017 9078 words Read a sample
Can Julien find happiness with an exciting yet dangerous shapeshifter after being rejected by human men all these years? Or is he forced to go through life lonely and isolated once again?
The Kill Keppler Club: My Funny Vampire by Leslie Smith Dow The Kill Keppler Club: My Funny Vampire by March 02, 2017 4499 words Sample 10%
Percy is a withdrawn, untalented vampire who hates his talented neighbour, Keppler, a wealthy advisor to the king. His perceptions of reality are tainted by his jealousy, and his cravings for raw meat, which he has abandoned at the urging of his therapist, Max. But Percy has made a grave error, and now the Kill Keppler Club is insisting he rectify it by...killing his nemesis.
Mickie by Harold C. Jones Mickie by Feb. 27, 2017 2140 words Read a sample
It’s a coming of age moment for Herman and his friend Flynn. It’s a hot night, and they’re two young guys cruising in a borrowed car. When they come across the beautiful Mickie, a picture of American loveliness, old enough to get beer and everything, certain issues must be confronted. A short story of gay fiction by Harold C. Jones.
Day X by Ryne Darke Day X by Feb. 27, 2017 9025 words Read a sample
"A lot has been lost...mostly hope..." "Not sure how much more madness I can take...." "....I ate someone...." How do you run from something inside you? What once protected them in silence, now traps them in an uproar.
Awakening by TRU Awakening by Feb. 26, 2017 1790 words Read a sample
In Awakening, TRU brings you three short prose stories told from her point of view. She touches on the beginning of the demise of her relationship. She expresses her struggles of moving on and putting the past behind her.
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Secrets of a WereBear (WereBear Series Book 1) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Secrets of a WereBear (WereBear Series Book 1) by Feb. 26, 2017 5605 words Read a sample
Heath had it all: Looks, Money; everything but love. He recently met Ryan, but Ryan has been holding something back, and Heath can't figure out what it is. Ryan has been told by his Alpha to tell Heath that he is a WereBear, Ryan is afraid of Heath's reaction. Finally they do talk, and Heath makes his decision. First books of each of our boxed sets are permafree. Please review this book. Thanks!
LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Searching For the Stripe on Tiger Island (Tiger Shifter Series Book 1) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Searching For the Stripe on Tiger Island (Tiger Shifter Series Book 1) by Feb. 26, 2017 6066 words Read a sample
In this book, James takes a vacation to a woodland resort in Thailand, but he gets lonely, and decides to take a walk alone in the woods, to see what kind of action he can conjure up. He walks well off the path, and gets lost. A handsome man asks how he came to be so far off the path, and offers to lead him back to the main path. They have sex, of course. 1st books of boxed sets are permafree.
LGBT Erotic Romance Rescued In The Shade (Billionaire Vampires Series Book 1) by Terry Anderson LGBT Erotic Romance Rescued In The Shade (Billionaire Vampires Series Book 1) by Feb. 23, 2017 5753 words Read a sample
A young man who had been kicked out of his home because he was gay, makes his way to a party where he expects to find someone to take him in. He is drugged, but rescued by someone else, and taken to a billionaire's mansion where he revives, and is given the choice of leaving or staying--as the vampire's personal property.
Closet Exhibitionist by Clare London Closet Exhibitionist by Feb. 22, 2017 2660 words Sample 30%
After a long, hard day at work, Ben was looking forward to a relaxing evening. He didn't expect to be ambushed by his mischievous partner Davey, with an eye for sexy game play.
Seoul Circuit by Tamara Boyens Seoul Circuit by Feb. 19, 2017 106295 words Read a sample
Jin Song. Fashionista. Casino Mogul. Failed Medical Experiment. This cyberpunk thriller features Tamara Boyen’s futuristic Southwestern aesthetic, this time with a neon glow. Jin has to deal with her failing neural implants before she loses her life, but she’s got a lot going on in Koreatown, Pasadena—a.k.a. “Jin City.” She can have the world if she makes it to the finish line.
Мир 109 by Sasha Ri-En Мир 109 by Feb. 17, 2017 24809 words Sample 20%
Мир полыхающей осени, царство тьмы и место на перекрестье миров — что между ними общего? Граница между жизнью и смертью столь тонка, есть ли она вообще? Любовь, противостоящая целому миру, сможет ли она победить? История, рассказанная с конца… Итак, начнем: однажды в жизнь молодого успешного писателя врывается странный незнакомец...
3 Movements (Feminism, LGBT Rights, Marriage Equality), 2 Diaries, 1 Trans Woman's Message by TaraElla 3 Movements (Feminism, LGBT Rights, Marriage Equality), 2 Diaries, 1 Trans Woman's Message by Feb. 17, 2017 20570 words Read a sample
Natalie is a young trans woman living in the early 21st century. Her diaries chart both her own transition story, and the cultural and political events of the 2000s and 2010s in the US, UK and Australia. In the beginning, she had felt rejected by feminism all her life, and also decided to reject feminism. However, as feminism changed, so did her perspective.
Mac and Jez do Valentine's Day by Jay Northcote Mac and Jez do Valentine's Day by Feb. 16, 2017 2479 words Read a sample
Mac has essays to mark on Valentine’s Day, and Jez insists on keeping him company while he works. Jez promises not to distract him, but Mac knows it’s only a matter of time.... This is a short scene that fits into the Housemates series. It takes place during the timeline of book five but focuses on Mac and Jez who are the main characters in Helping Hand (Housemates #1).
Collected Works and Fake News by David  William Kirby Collected Works and Fake News by Feb. 15, 2017 16000 words Read a sample
Essays and poetry from collections previously released on other media; including banned essays. Adult orientated.
My Brother's Girlfriend by shelby My Brother's Girlfriend by Feb. 13, 2017 78043 words Read a sample
It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be just like the rest. You weren't supposed to be special. I wasn't supposed to hurt him. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, my brother's girlfriend.
Emergence by Christopher Teese Emergence by Feb. 13, 2017 3318 words Read a sample
A young gay teen wrestles with acceptance of himself and the fear of rejection of those closest to him.
I Dare You by Edua Erasmus I Dare You by Feb. 12, 2017 7214 words Read a sample
At a birthday party, a group of straight friends start playing a risqué dare game that gets more erotic as the night progresses.
Women in Love by Wild Rose Cherry Women in Love by Feb. 09, 2017 966 words Read a sample
In these five poems, I freely trace out the times, places and faces I can recall of some past lovers. In writing this volume, I felt as though I was on the verge of a revolution with womankind against the menacing powers of the times. Long live Pussy Riot! No explicit content, but caution is advisable before letting the kids read this. 18+.
Sammy by Dianne Hartsock Sammy by Feb. 08, 2017 9039 words Read a sample
The first rule of working the streets is not to get attached to any of the clients—but Sammy can't deny he's rather fond of John, who actually seems to be a decent guy, on top of being hot. The first rule of paying for sex is not to get attached to the prostitutes—but John is willing to admit to himself that he wishes Sammy was more than the guy he occasionally pays for sex.
Chatoyant College, Book 2: Initiates by Clare K. R. Miller Chatoyant College, Book 2: Initiates by Feb. 05, 2017 45114 words Sample 20%
Classes have finally started for the girls, but Dawn gets a shock when she discovers that the faeries aren't content to lurk in the woods and occasionally kidnap students--one of them is teaching the magic class that she and Corrie are taking. Professor Lal seems trustworthy, but is that even in a faerie's nature? Meanwhile, Edie makes a pesky new friend, and another mysterious scream occurs.
King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate by Addison Albright King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate by Feb. 04, 2017 4372 words Read a sample
Blaine is a well-dressed, high priced attorney, and George is a hairy mountain of an auto mechanic. This odd couple meets up one evening on a slow night at a bar. The pickings are slim. Slim enough for these opposites to eyeball each other and ask themselves just how bad they want to get laid.
Coexistence: Book 1 of the Human Hybrids Series by Clare Solomon Coexistence: Book 1 of the Human Hybrids Series by Feb. 03, 2017 66573 words Read a sample
This is the first novel in a fast-paced M/M science-fiction trilogy with a paranormal twist. Human-hybrid werewolf, Jaspal ‘Pal’ Khatri, joins a group he doesn’t trust to work with the dangerously attractive werewolf, Brand, and hunt for a killer, only to discover that there is another murderer much closer to him…
Old Tanya Gillock (A Short Story) by C.M. Blackwood Old Tanya Gillock (A Short Story) by Feb. 02, 2017 3642 words Read a sample
The story of an impoverished old woman who is paid a nighttime visit by the devil himself, who offers her a life of luxury in exchange for her soul.
Les coups et les douleurs by Lizzie Crowdagger Les coups et les douleurs by Feb. 01, 2017 21176 words Sample 30%
Je m'appelle Jessica, je viens d'emménager dans une nouvelle ville, et je cherche juste à être une fille normale et épanouïe. Sauf que mes seules opportunités professionnelles sont de bosser pour des vampires, que la voisine sur laquelle j'ai un crush est une skinhead louve-garou, et que mes tendances masochistes ne sont pas toujours très bien comprises
The Secret of Mount Haile, Episode 2 - NGLUI.2. by K.M. White The Secret of Mount Haile, Episode 2 - NGLUI.2. by Jan. 31, 2017 10582 words Read a sample
Ruthie Sivan, a college freshman whose family history has been muddled by disappearances and violence, made a single mistake that tore away from her what little family she had left. But when she’s saved from her family’s fate by the mysterious woman in the gas mask once more, Ruthie must decide to accept her true—and horrifying—calling if she is to get her revenge…or survive at all.
The Curl by Jillian Kulp The Curl by Jan. 29, 2017 80741 words Read a sample
New kid Tom stirs up a lot of questions when he becomes friends with the school's outcasts. As he tries to maneuver through complicated friendships, he is forced to hide his own secrets. Find the true bonds of friendship when put to the test against frightening truths and questionable trust.
Before the sun goes down by James Ryder Before the sun goes down by Jan. 25, 2017 8411 words Read a sample
Austen is a budding journalist. Landon is a spoiled rich kid. They've known each other all their lives and each has presumed much about the other. It's only when they share a car ride back to Alabama that they are obliged to really get to know each other. But is it already too late to become friends...or something more?
Hot Off the Press (Ridgemont University Book 1) by Meredith Taylor Hot Off the Press (Ridgemont University Book 1) by Jan. 25, 2017 54395 words Read a sample
Sweet/ wholesome MM love story. Easy reading introduction to the Ridgemont University gay romance series. No adult content. A mystery rocks Ridgemont University, and it's up to Simon Northbrook, ambitious yet shy reporter for the Ridgemont Weekly News, and his handsome and confident editor Ian Peters to figure it all out. But Simon's feelings for Ian might complicate things...